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When You’ve Made It – Ep Launch


RADIO ROOM are four incredibly handsome hand models from Middle Earth who love hanging out at oxygen bars and betting on snail races.

All that, is a lie! A terrible one at that.

Radio Room are four young Dublin lads who make lovely summertime Indie music.

Dancey riffs, thoughtful rhythm, lead bass, and hyperactive drums are the descriptions used to describe Radio Room’s current back catalogue.

When they aren’t busy writing and recording in the studio, you can usually find them on the road playing shows.

The guys are set to release their new EP ‘When You’ve Made It’ this summer, which has already gained recognition through their new single ‘Functions’, notching up 1,000 plays in 3 days.

Starting to make a name for themselves internationally with music lovers, they have already booked more recording time and are working hard on new material.

2012 is all mapped out and looking like Radio Room’s year.