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Pete Courtney has released two albums. The first, “One Of These Kids” was released
on the 25th April 2001 in Whelans. This special Easter Monday show will mark the
tenth anniversary of that show with a celebration of the songs that make up both “One
Of These Kids” and “karma biscuits”.

Pete started recording “karma biscuits” in 2007 after not being satisfied with follow
up recordings to his critically acclaimed self released debut.

Recording and releasing creativity for him was about personal reflective quality, not
quantity. In that same intuitive spirit Pete waited 9 years to release his new offering
as he believes a socially fresh and positive cycle has returned and the music industries
dynamics have favourably shifted.

So an album about one particular soul’s journey and how it maintains its spiritual
strength and application of unconditional love to all relationship idioms, and to do it
all with a contented smile on its face is totally apt.

After releasing “karma biscuits” to acclaim in late 2010, Pete rediscovered his love
of the songs on “One Of These Kids…”, and to mark the completion of the positive
cycle, Pete is playing a “these kids thanksgiving” show on the 10th anniversary of the
album’s release. It is Pete’s first headline gig in Whelans since 2004.

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