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OrphanCode, an alternative 3-piece fromDublin, have just completed their second album ‘I Am a Country,’ with long-time producer and engineer Ger McDonnell. The first single ‘My Meaning, Your Feelings,’ described as “Slowdive with a hint Spiritualised” is due for release in April with the album to follow later this year.

OrphanCode formed in 2005, and were immediately signed to indie label DMC, recording their debut album ‘Inside The Optimist,’ which included the radio favourite ‘Last Dance,’ described by the popular Irish TV show Nightshift as “one of the stand out tracks of 2008.” Legal wrangles prevented the band from releasing the album, although bootleg copies proved popular with fans of the group. ‘I Am a Country’ explores darker themes, confronting the challenging times that have faced the band, their peers and their country in modern times, and 2012 will see the band playing their first shows in two years, a long time for a band that are renowned for their commitment to performance, having played all over Ireland, the US and parts of the UK over the previous number of years.


Tickets: €2.oo