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Whelanslive is proud to present a celebration of new Irish music. Every Tuesday will see the upstairs venue play host to a series of the best of new music this country has to offer.Three hand-picked bands showcase their originality, performance and amazingly fresh songwriting skills. It is a great opportunity to see the next round of Irelands unsung and unsigned.


Myles Manley and The Little People

English-born, Sligo-raised, Dublin-based Myles Manley sings rocknroll-folk-pop music with two current live incarnations: solo acoustic nightmare-lullaby and four-piece post-folk/rock mindblow.

With Elder Roche as producer, and Phil Doran (drums), Richard Sherlock (bass) and various guests backing his textured rhythm guitar playing and distinctive voice, Manley’s 7-song EP was recorded quickly in Oct/Nov 2011, capturing a … dream sound. It was released in March 2012 as a book of illustrated lyrics (by old friend Matt Horan) accompanying a digital download of the tracks.Myles Manley notched up over 160 live appearances in 2011 alone, including innumerable featured sets on the Dublin scene; Irish support slots for Jeffrey Lewis and The Junkyard (Rough Trade), The Hot Sprockets, The Lynchburg Mob and The Young Folk; 49 shows in and around NYC; and a 13 date summer European Tour. Myles Manley is now a focused and commanding live performer; he will tour even more voraciously in 2012 in support of the self-titled debut studio recording Myles Manley.

Central to the vision of the Myles Manley EP are the confusions and tensions inherent in the singer’s Anglo-Irish background, a disgust at the violence underlying the comfort and inertia of the western middle class, hypocrisy, apolitical protest, lack of money or hope, contempt for evangelists and masculine types, powerlessness; a transatlantic relationship, love, sex, jealousy, Catholic guilt, and pop music as spirited relief.

The songs can be streamed and the lyric book (or a download-only version) purchased here:

Chris Barry (guitar) recently joined Phil and Richard in the band, and the group adopted the name Myles Manley and The Little People shortly afterwards. They’ll perturb you soon.

“Music For White People has an hypnotic power” – Hot Press

“When [Manley] sings ‘I call a spade a spade’ he’s not lying” –

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JUPITER FOREST is a Dublin based alt.acoustic/rock band. Originally a busking duo, they soon evolved into an electric/acoustic entity in mid 2011.

The duality of their music is based around a signature,fingerstyle acoustic guitar sound coupled with echoed electric guitars and dream pop melodies.

They have been heavily present on the Dublin music scene as of late having reached the semi finals of the King Kong Club in the Village. They have played such venues as The Workman’s Club, The Songroom @ The Globe, Juke box Sessions @ Sweeneys Mongrel, Shebeen Chic, Sean Ogs of the ever famous Rory Fest in Ballyshannon as well as a most recent stomping Paddy’s Day show in The Twisted Pepper.

Summer 2012 sees them continuing to spread their roots on the Dublin scene as well as live appearances at the Free Fringe Festival in late August of this year.

The two sides of the JUPITER FOREST sound would be best described as; ECHOED electric guitar odysseys injected with melodic vocal hooks & FINGERSTYLE alternative acoustic guitar with ambient dream pop.


No More Rain

No More Rain are a french indie-rock band based in Dublin. They just celebrated their first anniversary. The fifth-piece are currently working on their first album.

No More Raine are a progressive rock band. The lyrics mixing English and French, participate significantly to set a unique universe, both intense and energetic.



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