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+ St John the Gambler

Murder Plan are a 5-piece rock band from Dublin. Their music is grounded in bastard blues, influenced by Tom Waits and Nick Cave.

Fronted by Stephanie O’Keeffe, a soulful chanteuse with a distinctive natural voice, Hot Press defined their sound as “..blues rock fusion with thoughtful & empowering lyrics”. This gig marks the launch of their debut EP Drinking With the Devil, a 4-track record bursting with melody & energy.

Cathal Melinn, piano player with Murder Plan, describes the title track as “a swamp-gospel riot played on a busted slide guitar.”

With megaphones and church organs featuring prominently in their energetic live shows, Murder Plan believe they are bringing something fresh and dynamic to the Irish music scene and their debut studio recording is testament to this. According to Naomi McArdle, “Murder Plan show how rock’n’roll should be done” (Harmless Noise on

Support for the night comes from Dublin alt folk/mariachi outfit St John the Gambler. All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Drinkin with the Devil EP.