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Prescedent Entertainment and Exodus Records announce the release  of Feels Like California, the follow up to Mark Huff’s critically acclaimed release Gravity. Mark Huff joins forces again with Nashville producer Adam Landry at  his Playground Sound studio, bringing in session stalwarts Fred Eltringham (drums), James Haggerty (bass) and Stuart Mathis (guitar). Combining elements of classic British rock and Route 66-inspired  American pop, Huff’s sophisticated and mature songwriting on Feels Like California solidifies his evolution as an artist who is clearly comfortable wearing his influences on his tattered sleeves. “Only Birds are Free” is an anthemic sing song after only one listen while “Scar so Easy” is a searing pledge from one forlorn heart to another.


Down At The Well Of Wishes, released in 2012, is Jon Byrd’s second critically acclaimed solo recording. A straightforward mix of barroom exuberance and front porch restraint, it follows his 2004 release, Byrd’s Auto Parts. Both albums released to acclaim; critics have called him “a terrifically accomplished, versatile singer,” and his songwriting “superbly talented.” From the heartfelt rendering of the trials we  share in “When it Starts to Rain,” to “In a Chest of Skin and Bone,” written with longtime collaborator Butch Primm, the songs of Down At The Well Of Wishes get right to the heart of the matter––and resonate long after the listening is through.


€8 available at the door!

Strictly over 18′s, I.D. may be required


Whelan’s Indie DJ in the bar and Sonntags upstairs from 11pm til late, Free Entry.