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+ The Curtain Thieves.

Few bands have been so successful from the release of their first album. The five members of Ken Zazpi and their melodic pop-rock seduced thousands of fans with a large number of successful singles from the “Atzo da bihar” album (Yesterday is tomorrow). Formed in 1996 in Gernika, Ken Zazpi is one of the Basque bands which tours most and which sells most records. With a rock style and pop power, their lyrics both describe personal feelings and deal with the daily reality of Basque society. Their songs, with very efficient melodies and lyrics, have made Ken Zazpi one of the most popular groups over the last years.

It is hard to put your finger on the secret of Ken Zazpi’s success. Using the tension and energy of music, both they, and groups like them, somehow manage to hit the emotional target dead on centre, offering listeners an intangible yet essential universe of feeling. Exploring complex stories of love and life, they create a style that is both brilliant and forceful and which spreads melodious desires and dynamic sensations wherever it is heard.

Ken Zazpi’s musical career is filled with forceful songs and compelling stories.

Being a group of new millennium, they have their gaze firmly turned towards the future and like a fertile spring, they provide fresh, clear water to quench the thirst of eager young hearts.

Right from the beginning, they realised that they had something very special which appealed to a very broad audience, and they focused all their efforts on developing it. This group from Gernika (Basque Country) has carved out its own niche, based on a firm commitment to its culture, environment and language and the feelings of its young Basque listeners. Ken Zazpi have used all their impressive, surprising, forceful and masterful musical skills to spread this idea.

Their last album “Ortzemugak begietan” (Horizons in the eyes) is a very special album. On the one hand, it contains all the essence of previous collections – all the energy Ken Zazpi pours into its unique style and sound; and on the other, using the metaphor of the horizon, it takes us closer to a world filled with hopes and dreams, the reflection of a brave new world in our eyes. As we listen to the tracks, feelings of freedom which usually only arise when we gaze at the distant horizon suddenly bubble up inside us, dyed with a rainbow of dynamism, energy and optimism.

Just as in the album Argiak, brought out in 2007, here again the presence of Rafa Sardina is essential to the collection’s balance and force.

Ken Zazpi’s “Ortzemugak begietan” places us firmly at the threshold of a new era, and with enormous empathy manages to convey rock-solid confidence. As well as shelter and warmth, the album also offers us the strength and courage we need to face up to the challenges life throws our way on a daily basis.