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As one of the two primary songwriters of seminal 80′s group Hüsker Dü, Grant Hart helped shape the sound and voice of indie rock to come, influencing bands that followed including Nirvana and the Pixies. After the dissolution of the band he shared with Bob Mould for nearly a decade, Hart went on to form Nova Mob and then put out a handful of critically acclaimed solo albums over the years, including ” Hot Wax” and ” Intolerance”.

In April of this year, Grant released a limited edition 7″ vinyl with two new songs, ” Morning Star” and ” So Far From Heaven”, the tracks are taken from his highly anticipated new album, “The Argument”, which comes out early next year.

Although music is still Grant’s main stock in trade, his visual arts skills remain as sharp as ever. In addition, he has recently taken part in several readings of his poetry as well as reading the works of his late friend Charles Henri Ford at the Metropolitan Arts Club in New York. He often performs with Patti Smith and has shared the stage with such notables as Charles Plymell, Philip Glass and of course his late chum William S. Burroughs. He currently serves such diverse organizations as The Duchamp Society, The Ghost Squadron of the Confederate Air Force and The Studebaker Drivers Club of North America.


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Whelan’s Indie Club w/ Late Bar from 10:30pm or check out the bands playing The Midnight Hour in the upstairs venue (FREE ENTRY, 12am).