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Art-Pop Messers Grand Pocket Orchestra take a break from recording the follow up to last year’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘The Ice Cream’ to play a free gig.. expect Glockenspiel based injuries, possible flashes of male genitalia and a show the Swiss press are calling ‘Absolutely knackig (sic) and quite unorthodox’. Also, some new songs!

What people said about ‘The Ice Cream’

“One of the most emotive albums I’ve heard in a long time, conjuring an unexpected trinity of joy, rage and uneasiness in equal measure….. The ice cream is a bewildering, experimental, vicious little gem of a record.”

Hot Press

“The opening track immediately grabs your attention, shakes you violently awake and lets you know what you’re in for. And what a jam-packed 36 minute journey it is. 18 tracks of high energy, synth-fueled music mayhem later, you’ll press play again, to see what you missed first time around.”

“The album induces a heady lust for summer…… the evolution of GPO from attention-grabbers with unlikely potential to real contenders to get excited about is complete.”

Au Magazine

“‘The Ice Cream’ is decked with all manner of prettiness, like glockenspiels and hearty melodies, but there’s surprises and barbs sprinkled just as liberally…. there’s more tunes and ideas on here than most bands can muster in a career.”

Rough Trade

“Dazzled Baroque pop… Dublin’s foremost toy pop micro symphony”

Totally Dublin