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Fudan is a Chinese word, meaning “Heavenly light shines day after day”. That’s quite a title to try and live up to if you’re in the band.

But try they have since mid 2010, with plenty of previous experience playing in bands around the city to help them out. After playing a handful of gigs towards the end of last year to audition some songs, they then casually ambled into the studio to record their debut album, If We Only Had Paws.

Fudan have decided to give their album to anyone and everyone who wants it, beginning with this launch gig and continuing until they run out of copies of it. Then they can go back and record a new album. That’s where all the fun is. So, your €10 entry to this gig will acquire for you NOT ONLY a fantastic night of music which you will quite possibly remember for the rest of your life, but ALSO a free copy of the album!

In the meantime, Fudan encourage illegal copying and distribution of their material as much as is possible. If everyone burns a copy for their friend, then a lot more people will hear the album, and even if they one like one or two songs, Fudan’s remit has been met and they will be very very happy.


“Yeah, they’re all right, I suppose” – David Keeling (It’s Not the Ritz Productions)

“Fudan have tapped into a seam of intimate, yet epic songwriting, tipping a nod to

their forerunners whilst creating something unique” – Dominic Palmer (Wizbang Productions)

“I’ve never heard of them” – Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins)

…You will, Billy. You will.