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You are cordially invited to the Foil Arms and Hog 5th birthday Party show.

You see, much like delusional teenagers wishing to be popular, we’ve invited every single person we know to our party and even people we don’t know. We’ve put it on facebook and national radio and stopped dangerous people of questionable character on the street and handed them an invitation. If none of our parents come, it can officially be labelled ‘Foil Arms and Hog’s free gaff’. We can water down daddy’s whiskey and drink metres of beer from mammy’s Waterford crystal Vase and then when the mean boys in leather jackets start cutting up the couch with a Stanley knife, we’ll just hide in the corner with our crisps and 7up, rocking back and forth muttering ma-ma.

Foil Arms and Hog are Ireland’s top sketch group. They have appeared on two seasons of the Savage Eye and have an upcoming show on 98fm. Here they present, in associated with Aiken Promotions, a fast paced mix between sketch comedy and stand up, with wickedly twisted characters, unpredictable scenes and high energy performances. Expect old favourites, raucous debuts and newish-not-that-old stuff as the FAH lads marry old shows with their brand new one for 2013.

Every year Foil Arms and Hog throw the mother of all birthday parties. Extravagant entrances and Grande finales set in the midst of two hours of mayhem and hilarity.

Expect a family of people with chairs for heads, an over eager improvisation troupe, a supermarket that has to hire paedophiles and thieves in order to meet equal opportunity employment quotas and a fourteen year old boy wishing to marry a sex doll.

Here are some nice things people have said about FAH

“Imaginative and really funny” – Bill Bailey

“Talented performers, very, very funny” Kevin Bridges

“A powerhouse of sketch comedy” – Steve Bennett, Chortle

“Deliriously funny and at times unexpectedly dark” – The List

“Fantastic and increasingly Bizarre” – The Scotsman

***** –

***** – Whatsonstage

**** – Chortle

**** – The Skinny



€15 available online from WAV Tickets [Lo-Call 1890 200 078] (50c per ticket service charge applies on phone or credit card bookings)


Whelan’s Indie Club w/ Late Bar from 10:30pm or check out the bands playing The Midnight Hour in the upstairs venue (FREE ENTRY, 12am).