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Fighting for Jane successfully merge the intimacy of a singer-songwriter with mainstream indie pop/rock-their female vocalist,strong rhythm and bass section along with catchy guitar and synth lines,they are showing themselves to be ones to watch.

Gráinne Hunt-Grainne’s vocals have clutched at people’s hearts across Ireland and for a time on Brazilian shores.With vocal chords that never fail to put hairs on end,Gráinne’s sublime vocals are the calming influence throughout FFJ’s music,continually changing tack in the relationship with the audience,and taking them on soul-searching journeys through tales of lost battles of the heart.

John Leech-To say John is the dark horse of the band is an understatement.His expert element of songwriting ability,with previous creative flourishes gaining entry into peoples’ hearts on national radio stations,has steered the band, and those who listen,down meandering paths leading to his deeper heart-felt thoughts.

Eoin King-Throughout his life music has been Eoin’s passion and has challenged him.Never far from the limelight,he has worked with previous Australian Idol winner,Damien Leith and previously fronted several rock bands playing on the Dublin scene.Currently concentrating on offering the perfect blend of synth and edgy guitar to the FFJ sound,Eoin is another strong arm in the band’s arsenal.

Eoin Murphy-Not one for needless over-complication,this is prevalent when listening to FFJ’s songs,where his solid bass lines provide the final touch to the FFJ sound,synching in with all elements of the band and offering the perfect bridge between the flowing melodies of guitars and vocals,and the FFJ rhythm backbone.

Bobby Vickers-Drums are Bobby’s life, plain and simple.Designing and building his own drums since he was 11,and hasn’t stopped with his Burnt Custom Drums selling worldwide,Bobby knows how to work a drumkit.With a deep well of knowledge at his disposal,Bobby brings an experienced and solid foundation to the FFJ sound.