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EYEDRESS is 23 year old Idris Vicuña. He is based in Quezon City, Manila, in the Philippines.

EYEDRESS is centred around 23 year old Manila based producer, filmmaker and romantic Idris Vicuña. Eyedress’ music is the culmination of the experiments he started when moving back to the Philippines from Phoenix, Arizona when he was 15 years old due to a family relocation. Idris was quickly introduced to beat making. “Eventually I started to think they could be songs so I started singing” he says, “I wrote about a girl I was with at the time. I was kind of miserable. She slept with someone else…”

Most striking is his own voice on lead single ‘Nature Trips’. Some will be surprised to find it’s Idris singing, not a genderless super-computer. It’s a spooked falsetto, used to whisper the menacing “nobody needs to know about this” or a lost, sad and beautiful “I just want to forget everything that’s making me feel so bad”. “I’m not the Alpha Male kind of guy” says Idris “ I performed in front of ‘bro’ friends and tried to pretend ‘oh, I don’t sing like that duuuude’” he says. These days he is (quite rightly) more accepting of his own voice. His heartbreak is cloaked in a number of different styles, from the pulsing dance electronics to doom filled shudders.

Ripples of bass and broken-Nintendo style noise have drawn comparisons to The Knife, Warpaint and the Drive soundtrack.

He expresses an affinity with weird floating hip hop as produced by Miami group and Raider Klan affiliates Metro Zu, as evident in the clicks and glitches of ‘No Competition’. described it as a “evil, lumbering Frankenstein’s monster of a tune…pitched somewhere between Rephlex ca. 1994 and present-day Zomby”. Equally, his constantly changing live performance can be confrontational, abrasive, or beautiful. “I can get aggressive like a rapper,” he says, describing a performance with How To Dress Well in Manila this year that was 100% “turned p”. “I was being really wild at the time. I’ll stage dive. I’ll try to be like A$AP Ferg or Lil’ Wayne”. The videos that he makes are darkly humorous (“so I could work with friends, they would have an equal opportunity to shine”) and feature bright shirts, sunglasses, vintage cars and other snapshots on what it is to be young and creative in Manila in 2013. “This record is also proof that you can make something out of nothing. I used a crappy PC my dad gave me to make this. Now I make music all day. When my self-esteem is deflated the only thing that makes me feel like I have any worth is music. It’s what I do every day and if I can’t, I can’t chill”.


ON SALE FRI 28th FEB, 9AM: €13 available online from WAV Tickets [Lo-Call 1890 200 078] (50c per ticket service charge applies on phone, internet or creditcard bookings)


Strictly over 18′s, I.D. may be required.


Whelan’s Indie Club /// ZEBRA /// [Live Bands and guest DJs] w/ Late Bar from 10:30pm (Free entry before 10:30pm).