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Have you ever been punched in the face while dancing ecstatically, but the person who hit you ALSO seemed to be dancing and loving it but you couldn’t really tell? If you’ve been in the front row at a Dope Body show — or the back row or somewhere in the middle for that matter — it’s a distinct possibility. Dope Body has built their name in the underground with intense live performances of their ALSO intense studio recordings. On the back of their second album, 2012’s NATURAL HISTORY, they embarked on a rigorous nineteen months of almost nonstop touring, bringing their individual performance stomp to every bar, basement and backyard that asked for it.

It’s easy to picture the members of Dope Body emerging from their distant and hidden cave of rock with a new wave of grimey, Sabbath-refracted mayhem in order to torch America/Earth once again — but they’re actually a group of trained players and fine artists with vision. On LIFER, Dope Body redefines the aural yawp they have been venting for some time, honing wild windmills into surgical strikes, their gut-busting repulsion-sound continuing to expand without losing any of the feral energy that made a crazed reputation in the already-insane Baltimore music and arts underground. Zachary Utz’s metalloid guitar fingerprints are as uniquely rough and scabrous as ever, but with a few new refinements added to his barrage. Andrew Laumann’s vocal bellow continues to incite a riot of excitement with each additional chorus. David Jacober’s power-and-precision drumming continues to grow in might and scope, driving the songs whether at peaks of volume or the depths of introspection. Plus, bassist John Jones, who joined following the recording of NATURAL HISTORY, contributes to the weird math of Dope Body’s nu-power trio with lines that perfectly expand the bounds for the band. When Dope Body converge to conceive of the next thing, the storm brews, songs are rocked out and written, and we’re propelled into another sweaty go-round. This is a controlled demolition, planned but with room to take down additional structures.

Simply put, there’s a distinct-but-subtle evolution from one Dope Body record to another, and LIFER is no different. “Repo Man” progresses the band’s songwriting, creeping on you and crooning with an oscillating bass groove before whipping into a frenzy. “Hired Gun” gives us the pyrotechnics we want (and we want them NOW!) with a forward-evolving, 2014-style dynamic range of loud/soft/loud and a big-ass sing-along chorus, perfect for charging into the can with a pit of open beer — or the other way around, whatever! Where most Dope Body songs show lead singer Laumann’s rhythmic ability, “Rare Air” exhibits his talent for constructing melody. LIFER juggles the rough spark of Dope Body’s sound, shuffling slow burners and their previously (and righteously!) established propulsive attack, making for a new yet satisfyingly heavy trip into the heart of Dope Body.

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Fangclub are a garage/punk/rock band from North County Dublin.

“Fangclub win you over with their sheer enthusiasm and infectious melodies. They’re more than a one trick pony and the ‘Fangclub’ EP shows they are improving at a rate of knots. That initial ripple Fangclub have caused in the pond is set to become a tsunami.”  – GOLDEN PLEC

“A band you want to see in a small venue that’s been packed up to the rafters, their music echoing and pouring out into the streets” – DINGUS | INTERNATIONAL NYC

“Sounds awesome blasted at high volume” – Rocksound Magazine

“I like the sound of this – tunes to jump up and down to, and scream along with” – Dan Hegarty, 2FM

“Stripped back and very together, echoing early Foo’s……a great sign of things to come!” – Marty Miller, Nova FM


€11 available online from WAV Tickets or Lo-Call 1890 200 078 (1-8pm M-F, 4-8pm Sat)

– 50c per ticket service charge applies on phone, internet or creditcard bookings. Final ticket price may be higher from other outlets.

Strictly over 18′s, I.D. may be required


Whelan’s Indie Club w/ Late Bar from 10:30pm or check out the bands playing The Midnight Hour in the upstairs venue (FREE ENTRY, 12am).