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DERMOT LAMBERT with full band

+ Special guest Darragh Cullen


A long time coming in fairness – I won’t be getting any awards for being prolific, but I’ve finished recording a brand new album, it’s called ‘Tiny’ and I’m aiming at an Autumn release, it’s gorgeous – I would say that of course. The idea was to make an album, and that the process of making the album would be as much fun as possible, so that we would always have the memories of the recording, and also so that the good feeling of the time spent together would somehow come out in the music. To this end I invited lots of different people to come in and play or sing or bang something. In most cases the people involved had never been in a studio before, and this was what I wanted. The songs are lovely, and I just wanted innocence and enthusiasm on them. I didn’t care about timing and tuning too much, as I think too much perfect music is being made at the moment. Barry Campbell is still one of the best drummers in the world, and he produced it with me and Tommy O’Sullivan… Clara Hamill sings on it just like the angel that she is, shocking us all and especially herself with her first ever studio recording…. Barry’s niece Ingrid came in for a day and ended up on several tracks also, as does Sine, Allen, Sean and Martha (they were just babbies 4 & 6 years old respectively), Sean then played a little plastic trumpet on a song that’s about him and my dad called ‘Hey Sean’, I don’t think he quite got the relevance as he was just five at that stage, standing there in his Power Rangers outfit… Joe McKinney brought in some magic with him in the shape of a bodhran, which we then time-stretched and did our own magic on it… James Aherne plays guitar on two of the songs, got him to make it up on the spot in each case, and kept what he did on his second take…David Mangan plays bass on one song, David is my nephew, I actually just asked him in to give him the experience of being in a studio, then out of the blue he just pulls this massive bass piece together, silly me!… Terry Lambert plays a gorgeous piece of acoustic Spanish guitar in ‘A Bank In Brazil’ which he has been wanting to do forever… Barry Grace came in and played accordian in ‘Hey Sean’, and although we ended up going a different way with it, it’s because Barry actually stood there that the song went on it’s own gorgeous path… I played piano for the first time ever, and a load of bass… I didn’t know if I could still sing or not, and now I’m very happy that my weird voice is still capable of a couple of nice lines…Howie Beno is mixing a couple of tracks at the moment, and that’s always a treat…. The result is exactly what I dreamed of, I can actually listen to it myself and feel like someone else did it, it’s like the summer of 1976, and that’s good enough for me. I’ve already done a couple of little live shows on my own and sometimes with some friends and family. It’s all brilliant of course, and now I have a Facebook music page, dates for live shows are starting to come in – Upstairs in Whelans on August 9th is a big one – will I ever learn? Thanks for reading all this – if you did! D


€11 (incl booking fee) available online from WAV Tickets [Lo-Call 1890 200 078] (50c per ticket service charge applies on phone or creditcard bookings from WaV).


Whelan’s Indie Club w/ Late Bar from 10:30pm.