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Not content to be defined by any strict sub-genre or category, Delta Sleep continue to mould their sound into something that goes beyond the labels of just math-rock, demonstrating a firm command of structure and melody. What started as an earnest foray into pushing the boundaries of fledgling math-rock has morphed into something much more for Delta Sleep.

Born in January of 2010 in Canterbury, Delta Sleep was driven by a desire to create fun and original, forward-thinking music. Their songs combines guitar driven melodies, held together by jazz influenced percussion and relentless bass, topped with sprinkles of passionate shouts and lulling chants. To coin Delta Sleep’s sound is a hard task indeed, but has once been described by a wise old man as an “enchanted battle between Don Cab and At The Drive-In for the city of Radiohead in the land of Faraquet”. Their playfulness invokes sugarcoated riffs, and their hospitality will warm you through on a crisp winter’s day.

Their live show is a force to reckoned with. Energetic, captivating and extremely tight, they win over their audience at every turn. They have shared the stage with bands such as Tera Melos, And So I Watch You From Afar, This Town Needs Guns, DDIMMIYYYY, Cougar, Tall Ships, Tubelord, Enemies, to name just a few.


Things people have been saying about Delta Sleep:

“One of our happiest finds this year… Making some of the nicest post-rock we’ve heard in a good while it is surprising just how good this band sounds. And live. Well, lets just say they will blow every pair of socks you have on straight off…”
-Lounge on the Farm Festival

“This group of four guys and one girl make the sort of mind-blowing, intelligent and creative creations that make you want to hurt them for being so talented. They tap guitars, they double up the bass drums, they sing in different languages, they make bleepy sounds from laptops — is there anything these guys can’t do?”
-BBC Kent Introducing

“The cream of the crop of Kent bands…really great at their instruments, very exciting and interesting music, and a really great live band.”
-Big Scary Monsters podcast

“Their take on math-rock is a giant flexed bicep with a Black Flag tattoo, the head spinning tempo changes and tricksy percussion the cherry on top. In amongst the staggering blitzkrieg of guitars and screams, there’s some taut funk basslines (really!)… basically; adrenaline, thy name is Delta Sleep.”
– Tongue In Typewriter

“Stop-starting, double-tapping, post-rock wizardry. Superb in virtually every way!”
-Bitmap Promotions

“Canterbury’s very own post-rock new heroes”
-The Farmhouse


ON SALE FRI 27th SEPT, 9AM: €18 available online from WAV Tickets or Lo-Call 01 4780766 (9:30am-7pm M-F)

– 50c per ticket service charge applies on phone, internet or credit card bookings. Final ticket price may be higher from other outlets.

Strictly over 18′s, I.D. may be required


Whelan’s Indie Club w/ Late Bar from 10:30pm or check out the bands playing The Midnight Hour in the upstairs venue – Free Entry via front door until 10:30pm | Drinks Promos