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Coffee are a band based in Dublin. The four members of the band (Eoghan Regan; Vocals, Dylan Kerslake; Guitar, Gav McGlynn; Bass, Craig Steele; Drums) have been playing together since 2009.

They began with just Eoghan and Dylan playing music together in a bedroom. After a few months they decided to form a band but with only a singer and guitarist, they couldn’t get the sound they wanted. They set out looking for the other members of Coffee. To their great relief, Craig and Gav were only as eager to play and Coffee was formed weeks later.

Since formation, they’ve played a number of venues; DIT battle of the bands in Whelans, in which they reached the semi finals, the Hardrock Cafe, Captin Americas, the Village, the Mezz and a number of pubs around Dublin, with their biggest achievement, other than being interviewed and having 4 songs from their E.P played on radio Nova, was supporting Power of Dreams and Craig Walker’s launch of his new album in Whelan’s. They have appeared on Balcony Tv and have recently recorded a music video with Neil O Brien.

Coffee have definitely done the rounds, yet are still as eager as ever to play. To contact the band, or to listen to their tracks use the links below;


Balcony Tv: