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One of the most exciting bands to come out of Dublin, Champagne Animal released their debut EP at The Grand Social in August 2011.

Having just released their debut EP to an enthusiastic audience on saturday night , Champagne Animal now focus on establishing themselves as one of the most creative and original bands to come out of ireland in years

Just over one year old, the band already has an impressive CV playing at all the major venues in Dublin and beyond including support for Fight Like Apes at Phantom FM’s New Year’s Eve Ball in The Village; performances at Whelans, The Sunday Roast, The Workman’s Club, The Ruby Sessions and Balcony TV.

Having been likened to artists such as Florence and the Machine, Adele, Portishead, The Gossip, The White Stripes and even Led Zeppelin, Champagne Animal have come up with their own twist on the indie soul sound in their daring and innovative debut EP. Just like the iconic artists above, Champagne Animal put their own stamp on the music world, giving any established band a run for their money. Siobhan Lynch (lead vocal) and Dave Kennedy (guitar) met through The Dublin Gospel Choir. They discovered their mutual passion for creating music and embarked immediately on the Champagne Animal project, recruiting close friends and avid musicians to fill out the layered sound of the music (Matthew Burney, keys, Ronnie Whelan, bass and Daragh Armstrong, drums).

Siobhan’s idiosyncratic vocal style and intuitive musicianship comes from a rich line of musicians including Bobby Lynch, guitarist and singer in The Dubliners, while Dave has been playing guitar and writing music from a very young age. In their collaboration, Siobhan and Dave have established a song writing formula that works and are now in the prime position to launch the undoubtedly illustrious career of Champagne Animal.

Champagne Animal say of their music: “What you get is what you hear. We’re reluctant to attach labels to the music. When we create music, we’re more concerned with how the music sounds – what makes a riff/melody/chord progression sound good – as opposed to what box or genre the music fits into.”

Champagne Animal left no stone unturned when planning the most spectacularly sensational gig of 2011 with light shows, video backdrops, a mini orchestra and goodie bags made only more special by the 200 or so fans that came out to support them.

‘One of those bands that you hear the first time and prove to have a profound effect on you when it happens…Champagne Animal they may be in name, but here they play as though they are king of the jungle.’ – Music Review Unsigned


Champagne Animal EP by Champagne Animal