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Whelanslive is proud to present a celebration of new Irish music. Every Tuesday will see the upstairs venue play host to a series of the best of new music this country has to offer.Three hand-picked bands showcase their originality, performance and amazingly fresh songwriting skills. It is a great opportunity to see the next round of Irelands unsung and unsigned.


Arrow in the Sky consists of a deuce of multi-instrumentalists, Conor McCauley and Brian Murphy. They hail from Ireland’s belly button where they have been honing their craft for a number of years in one ensemble or another. Driven together by a mixture of circumstances they have created two fine and upstanding mini-albums; Do What Thou Wilt (2009) and Winter’s Requiem (2011)

They are currently hard at work on their debut full length recording, which is sure to be epic!

The sound live can be likened to other harmony laden, song driven artists such as CSN and Simon & Garfunkel or more contemporary artists such as My Morning Jacket, Fleet Foxes and Bowerbirds. With an arsenal of traditional instruments doing very untraditional things, Arrow in the Sky weave an aural tapestry of folk, blues and alt-rock into their own unique blend of Irish-Americana.

“’Winter’s Requiem’ proves to me that they are one of Ireland’s best bands in the Folk-rock genre.” Peter Nagle –
“With these gorgeous folk melodies on their second EP, Arrow in the Sky mark themselves out as a force to be reckoned with”Ronan Hunt-Murphy –


Sal Vitro
Few bands on the Irish music scene show the same hard-nosed grit, borderline obsessive passion and barefaced determination that each member of Sal Vitro does. Nothing has come easy for this band. Knuckles have been scraped, tongues have been lashed and bridges have been burned. But now the sky has cleared, the machine is oiled and the wheels are ready to turn.

Formed in early 2011, their goal is simple; to bring Rock and Roll music back to its compelling,articulate and (most importantly) enjoyable best. You won’t find any hidden agendas here. Just honest graft and a struggle to recapture some of the magic that these men feel music has lost. Sal Vitro are a straight up Rock’n’Roll band filled with love and hatred, lust and apathy, fear and bravado and purity and perversion. ‘This is simply some stuff that leaves you mesmerized when you hear it.’

Music Review Unsigned

‘These guys aren’t supposed to be old enough to make this kind of bluesy rock. Let’s face it, they shouldn’t even know who Steve Marriott is! You gotta know your musical history before you can become part of it… and Sal Vitro are well on their way.’

Pat Courtenay, Nova Breakfast 6-10am


Bennett Vs Matrixis an energetic rock-pop band which draws their main influences from bands such as Feeder, The Cranberries, Blink 182 and Metric.

2012 is an exciting year for BvM, who plan to continue releasing new material and do what they like best: Play it live to new audiences and old fans alike, growing their footprint as a respected and flourishing Irish rock-pop band and build upon the success of ‘Every Second’ which was recorded in Inglewood Studios with Fight Like Apes drummer Lee Boylan playing ringmaster as producer. It was mastered by Richard Dowling who has worked on Foo Fighters, Interpol and Luanne Parle material in the past.

This year the band is to release four new records, starting with a two track EP in April featuring ‘Steps’, a new short, fast paced and uplifting number alongside ‘Little Star’, a current live favourite that will make it into studio production for the first time. This EP will follow ‘Every Second’ in having a physical as well as digital release.

The five member talent behind this body of work is fronted by dual lead singers Lisa Farrel and Ross Callaghan playing with guitarist Manus O’Lorcain, bassist Brian Loughney and drummer Martin Cullinan. The five take a dynamic approach to songwriting, bringing material together separately and developing it together in long crafting sessions. Songs are born in their own good time.

Bennett Vs Matrix takes its name from the Arnie classic ‘Commando’, setting the band up as a group of quirky songwriters who enjoy roping a lot of cultural caprice into their personality and hard work into their original writings.

BvM has five released or upcoming EPs notched onto its bedpost as record to their commitment to writing and producing great new rock-pop material.

The band released their debut EP, ‘Every Second’, in early 2010 at the Draiocht Theatre in Dublin 15 on main stage. The launch party was a great success with most of the limited, physical EPs being sold in the one sitting. The band then released this material online for free download while continuing their gigging cycle.

Later in the year BvM will digitally release a trilogy of acoustic work that will add up to 12 songs to their recorded repertoire. Releases will come in sets of four tracks spaced over the year.


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